The Dark Rum Files

The Dark Rum Files

‘The Dark Rum Files’ are a collection of exotic spy lounge music by Massimo Tutti, which will be (pre-) released in parts as singles. It contains instrumental retro inspired spy-fi soundtracks, a tropical cocktail of latin, twang, surf, exotica, crime-jazz, bossa nova and space age pop. In his character of Our Man In The Caribbean, Massimo Tutti takes you along on his mission in an exotic setting full of spies, female beauties, palmtrees, cocktails and rum. Watch, listen and follow the files right here!

Meet Massimo Tutti, Our Man In The Caribbean

TDRF-01 Meet Massimo Tutti (di Mare), Our Man In The Caribbean, code name X-077. A man who looks at life mostly through shades, preferably in combination with a Cuban cigar and a glass of dark rum. As a secret agent he has the habit to mix business with pleasure. Right now he is caught up in ‘The Dark Rum Files’. A mission full of espionage, exotic girls, cocktails and rum set in The Caribbean. 

Enjoy The View While You Can

TDRF-02 In this spylounge song Massimo is exploring and enjoying the view but his attention is soon required by a sudden start of his mission.

Tropical storm, Chaahk strikes

TDRF-03 In this exotica soundtrack señor Tutti faces a tropical storm on his mission at the Mexican Caribbean coast, the name Chaahk refers to the Mayan god of rain and thunder…

Cold War In The Tropics

TDRF-04  Señor Tutti (X-077) takes a domestic chopper flight in Cuba to join his compañeros of the revolución in order to prevent an uprise on the island. Meanwhile some authorities suspect X-077 of being a double agent.

30 Degrees Murder

TDRF-05 ‘Dubful’ times for Massimo Tutti (X-077) while he heads to Jamaica to investigate the circumstances of a murdered informer, during a Carnival parade near the harbour of Port Esquivel. A kill under the tropical sun of 30 degrees Celsius which leads to a chain reaction full of violence, crime and more murder. Massimo attends a funeral and visits the wife of a deceased. Meanwhile, detective Lex Barker goes to inspect a crimescene in the harbour where he get’s ambushed. Luckily he manages to escape the explosive situation and is still able to bring out report to Tutti.

Dry Martinis and Wet Bikinis

TDRF-06  Dive into the pool with Massimo and drink a well-deserved ‘dry Martini’ at the cocktail bar afterwards at his residence in The Caribbean. With it’s tropical mixture of groovy cocktail spy lounge and Latin percussion it’s ‘instant staycation’ where ever you are. Influences which recall the space age pop of ‘The King of Lounge’, Juan Garcia Esquivel and the jazzy guitar vibes of Wes Montgomery. Eventually it turns into a filmish ‘feel-good’ setting in which you expect Swimming Queen Ester Williams to show up any time.

Tropical Spy Grooves Playlist

"TROPICAL SPY GROOVES, Spotify playlist selected by Massimo Tutti. A handpicked selection of tropical cocktail grooves and lounge from Our Man in The Caribbean. Sun infused tracks with twangy guitars, freaky organs, spiced up horns and groovy percussion. Oldschool vs new funky beats. It's time for action with suspension from the retrophonic mansion! Selected by our own retro, rum, cigar aficionado and spy lounge musician Massimo Tutti, see and hear what inspires him on his own tropical spy missions...Salute!
Massimo Tutti
Our Man in The Caribbean

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