Out now new Massimo Tutti: Cold War in The Tropics

Finally out now Cold War in The Tropics by Massimo Tutti! In this groovy latin spybeat soundtrack video señor Tutti (X-077) takes a domestic chopper flight in Cuba to join his compañeros of the revolución in order to prevent an uprise on the island. Meanwhile some authorities suspect X-077 of being a double agent…find out yourself! 

With this track Massimo Tutti (Maxim S. Calda) dives into the history of the cold war in Cuba. This way he combines the fascinating history of the tropical island at the time of the Pig’s Bay invasion in 1961 and the rising Cubacrisis with spyfi fiction and his own experiences from Cuba. The song contains voices of J.F. Kennedy, Fidel Castro and even a Russian Kozak choir together with personal Cuban field-recordings. The song and video are also a result of Maxim’s fascination of Cuba and the Cuban revolution.

This is the 4th single of Massimo Tutti’s forthcoming retro inspired album The Dark Rum Files which will be (pre-) released in parts as singles. More about Massimo Tutti here.

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