Out now, new Massimo Tutti single ’30 Degrees Murder’

‘Dubful’ times for Massimo Tutti (X-077) while he heads to Jamaica to investigate the circumstances of a murdered informer, during a Carnival parade near the harbour of Port Esquivel. A kill under the tropical sun of 30 degrees Celsius which leads to a chain reaction full of violence, crime and more murder. Massimo attends a funeral and visits the wife of a deceased. Meanwhile, detective Lex Barker goes to inspect a crimescene in the harbour where he get’s ambushed. Luckily he manages to escape the explosive situation and is still able to bring out report to Tutti.

This is the 5th single of Massimo Tutti’s forthcoming retro inspired album The Dark Rum Files which will be (pre-) released in parts as singles. Watch more Dark Rum files here. More about Massimo Tutti here.

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