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With a little delay, but finally out now, Cold war in the tropics by Massimo Tutti (Maxim S. Calda). This fourth single dives into the history of the Cold War in Cuba. 

In this spy lounge adventure Maxim combines the fascinating history of the tropical island at the time of the Pig’s Bay invasion in 1961 and the rising Cubacrisis with spyfi fiction and his own experiences from Cuba. The song contains voices of J.F. Kennedy, Fidel Castro and even a Russian Kozak choir together with personal Cuban field-recordings. The single and video are also a result of Maxim’s fascination of Cuba and the Cuban revolution.

The video is a mash-up of retro cult spy-fi movies and his own footage where you can clearly see the Cuban revolution and it’s symbolics along with Russian Communistic influence. We see Massimo Tutti in a double role as Cuban rebel leader to prevent an invasion and we also see him as a Russian army officer. Enjoy this new musical adventure and new addition of “The Dark Rum Files!