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Cold War in The Tropics: In this groovy latin spybeat adventure (release nr. 4) señor Tutti (X-077) takes a domestic chopper flight in Cuba to join his compañeros of the revolución in order to prevent an uprise on the island. Meanwhile some authorities suspect X-077 of being a double agent. 

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The Dark Rum Files is a retro inspired spyfi soundtrack project by Massimo Tutti. These files grow with every music single and video release…

Meet Massimo Tutti, Our Man In The Caribbean

Meet Massimo Tutti (di Mare), our man in The Caribbean. A man who looks at life mostly through shades, preferably in combination with a Cuban cigar and a glass of dark rum. As a secret agent he has the habit to mix business with pleasure. Right now he is caught up in ‘The Dark Rum Files’. A mission full of espionage, exotic girls, cocktails and rum set in The Caribbean.

But hey, that’s all just spy-fiction…

But hey, that’s all just spy-fiction…
In real life Massimo is actually a composer, producer, musician and a retro aficionado. Straight from his bachelor pad he creates a tropical retro journey in stereophonic hifi sound and technicolor vision. This is Massimo Tutti’s personal salute to a world he likes to see himself in, a world based on the lost eurospy and spy-fi movies of the sixties combined with his personal memories, photos, audio samples and footage from his holidays to The Caribbean.

You’re all invited for his cocktail spy party

And the good part is…you’re all invited for his cocktail spy party full of latin, mambo, twang, tiki, exotica, crime jazz, spy-fi, bossa nova, lounge and space age pop.
Señeores y Señeoras raise your glasses and join Massimo Tutti, Our Men In The Caribbean in…The Dark Rum Files!

Introducing Our Man In The Caribbean

"The Dark Rum Files grow with every new spy-fi release.
A mission full of espionage, exotic girls, cocktails and
rum in sound and vision in The Caribbean"
Massimo Tutti
Our Man in The Caribbean

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