Welcome to the personal headquarters of independent composer, producer, songwriter, singer, and artworker, Maxim S. Calda. This site is intended to inform, promote and archive all the solo and related work of Maxim S. Calda’s creative mind. A self-made man with many musical aspirations, he’s graphically trained and visually oriented. He is passionate about blending different genres of music, various forms of media, and diverse art forms. Therefore, in 2023, he rebranded as ‘Maxim S. Calda sound & vision,’ redefining his artistic identity.

Raised as a kid with the sounds of traditional guitars and growing up as a teenager exploring the emerging world of electronics, Maxim became a versatile and creative independent music producer with a paradoxical love for both classic and modern techniques and various musical styles. Inspired by both the past and the present, he often combines different styles, techniques, and flavors from different time periods and styles.

In 1991, Maxim formed his own recording facility, ‘SMALL ROOM recordings,’ and his first solo project, G-GAP. With G-GAP, he received a record deal offer as a solo artist at the age of 16. In retrospect, G-GAP was considered by the late ‘Gothtronic webzine’ as one of the pioneers of ‘The Industrial Sound Of The Lowlands,’ just behind Tom Holkenborg (Nerve/Junkie XL). Maxim has several other (solo) credits and aspirations (G-GAP, Hertz, Tuxedo Bandido, soundtracks, MXMS remixes). In 2014, Maxim also started ‘Avant garden productions,’ a personal production label for his future solo activities. He also created ‘Max.I.can visuals’ for his artwork and visually oriented work. Maxim was previously best known as the frontman, producer, and co-founder of the cult pop band Tuxedo Bandido and their own ‘A Sir James Production’ label. Later, as a solo artist, his retro cocktail song ‘Our Men in The Caribbean’ garnered praise and airplay on the American radio show ‘The Retro Cocktail Hour’ from Kansas. It also featured on ‘The Exotic Tiki Island’ radio and received a positive recommendation from Koop Kooper’s ‘Cocktail Nation’.

In 2023, he finally released the long-awaited Latin-infused, Western-inspired project ‘The Shadow King’ in both sound and vision, hailed by the press as his magnum opus.

Nowadays, he’s involved in four different music projects: Massimo Tutti, El Maxicano, Maximum Electric Field (M.E.F.), and the latest addition, the electronic (dance) project ‘XinphoniX,’ founded at the end of 2023. Visit the music-projects menu for more information on all of his projects.

“I have always operated between the
shadows of the music scene, shifting
between different styles and scenes.”

"I don't see myself like a traditional musician, or part of any scene or group, never did, never was. I have always operated between the shadows of the music scene, shifting between different styles and scenes. In the shadow crossing borders you often find more creativity and authenticity. Perhaps I'm more like a sonic painter, using different sources, instruments to create a sonic atmosphere in my studio. Therefore I'm not traditionally skilled, I'm a true autodidact, my true skill is combining all those skills like songwriting, composing, producing, arranging, recording, sampling, editing and mixing to create a certain sound or vibe. I hear and know how I want to make something sound, from end to beginning. Usually this comes with a strong vision of how it should look as well, I guess I'm very visual minded so that's why also love doing artwork and video. The studio and computer are my canvas."
Maxim S. Calda
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