Update may/june 2016

  • Here’s an update, Just to let you know what’s cooking. After the well received M.E.F. release Maxim is currently busy mixing and editing new material for Tuxedo Bandido, a large assigment which is going on for a few years now. Luckily there’s been a lot of progress these last months. Besides that he’s also very active with his coming solo project Massimo Tutti; which probably will result in a retro inspired soundtrack album ‘Our man in the Caribbean’. Think of a retro secret agent in a tropical setting surrounded by spies, danger girls and a lot of action, mixing business with pleasure. The subtitle for this project will be ‘The Dark Rum Files’. For this project Maxim was heavily inspired by Eurospy movies, cocktailmusic (exotica & space age music), his holiday stayings in the Caribbean in recent years and last but not least a lot of dark rum. Musically think of the sound of latin percussion, twangy guitars, groovy organs and cinematic strings and horns. A big inspiration as well is the fact that Maxim has a classic form of ‘Bonditis’, an illness in which you are caught in the idea that you are a secret agent yourself from time to time. During his staying in the Caribbean he wrote a lot of ideas down which result in the subtitle The Dark Rum files. All the writings, ideas, photos/movies created there he worked out back home in his lounge. This is an idea he carried with for him a long time but now the time was right. We hope to introduce you to the tropical sound of Massimo Tutti this coming season!

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