Tropical storm for Massimo Tutti in third exotica soundtrack

  • Out now the new Massimo Tutti single, the retro exotica soundtrack ‘Chaahk Strikes’. The song is also a tribute to retro exotica legends like Les Baxter, Martin Denny, Stan Kenton and Henry Mancini mixed with his personal baritone guitar twang style combined with his cinematic approach. But a modern producer like Boris Blank of Yello is also an inspiration.

    The song title refers to the Mayan god of rain and thunder. The song and video visualizes the change of the weather into an ominous tropical storm referred to as Chaahk Strikes. The single also contains field-recordings of Maya-language and instruments from the Mexican culture and nature. The video is again a mash-up of retro cult spy-fi movies with personal material of stayings in the Mexican Caribbean, fiction, stock material, own artwork and video effects.

    All music is fully written, composed, recorded, produced and mixed in his Small Room recordings and released on his Avant Garden productions. The song is online on YouTube, Spotify and available in stores online like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal etc.

    A new addition to the Dark Rum Files of Our Man In The Caribbean, join Massimo online!

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