Music Projects

Here’s an overview of all Maxim’s former and current Music Projects:

Tuxedo Bandido: His former cult popband with 2 other members; Maxim was co-founder, frontman, rhythm guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, composer, arranger and producer.

Massimo Tutti: The music can be described as retro inspired spyfi soundtracks, also inspired by cocktail space age music and referred to as spy lounge music. It’s a personal salute to a world he likes to see himself in, a world based on the lost eurospy and spy-fi movies of the sixties combined with his personal memories, photos, audio samples and footage from his holidays to The Caribbean. 

El Maxicano: Solo project which has an alternative chamber pop like type of sound with twangy guitars and a more organic approach. All lyrics, music, video, artwork, styling, editing and production are done by Maxim himself.

Maximum Electric Field (M.E.F.):  This project shows the electronic roots and darker side of this independent producer and musician who operates in the shadows of different music scenes. 

MXMS: Is an alias he uses for remixing work.

G-GAP: Former electronic solo project; vocals, machines, songwriting, composing, arranging and production. 

Hertz: Former drum&bass side-project; vocals, machines, songwriting, composing, arranging and production.


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