Tuxedo Bandido

  • Some people may know Maxim as frontman of Tuxedo Bandido, a band he co-founded with good friend Mr. Swanky around 2003. Tuxedo Bandido is singer/ guitarist/ producer Maxim S. Calda, leadguitarist Mr. Swanky and bassplayer Peetman. The band, that has made “we love the past, we live the present and we welcome the future” its credo, mixes a twangy guitar sound with modern beats and popmusic with retro- and latin influences. The band`s inspiration comes from both the past and present and a wide variety of musical styles. But spyfi series from the 50`s and 60`s, TV-series and film noir are also a good starting point for the band. All songs are written, recorded and produced in Maxims ‘SMALL ROOM recordings’ and are released on the band`s own label, ‘A Sir James Production’.

    More info and free mp3′s of Tuxedo Bandido at the TB-headquarters: www.tuxedobandido.com