Avant garden productions

  • ‘Avant garden productions’ (AGP) is Maxim’s personal production label responsible for the video and total additional production, organisation, promotion and marketing of all his solo work. It’s officially founded around 2014 when Maxim started to begin experimenting more and more with video and animation. These activities combined with all the former total additional production of the several projects eventually turned into ‘Avant Garden productions’. ‘Small Room recordings’ (responsible for all the audio) and ‘Max.I.con visuals’ (responsible for all the graphic visuals) are both partners of ‘AGP’. ‘Avant Garden’ is referring to his garden house and it’s also named after an album of Boris Blank (Yello), who’s musical and production skills are highly admired by Maxim. The word ‘avant-garde’, which means a group that creates or promotes innovative ideas or techniques in a given field, especially in the arts, is exactly where Maxim always stand for. It also represents the labels vision: “Where Creativity Grows First”. In this garden creativity grows/comes before (avant) anything else.

    ‘AGP’ is an independent non-profitable production label based on DIY (Do It Yourself) in order to stimulate and spread creativity. That’s why Avant Garden productions works with ‘Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike’ ‘Creative Commons licenses, which means everyone can download and share the works for free and other artists can adapt the work if you give appropriate credit. For commercial use we naturally want a share ofcourse. For years Maxim works with these licenses because it fits his philosophy for different reasons. First for instance: Maxim never was into music for the money but for the passion of it. Second: For promotional purposes. Third: It’s a way to give something back to the (creative) community for all the stuff he heard and learned himself. Fourth: Maxim strongly believes everyone should be able to enjoy music and art in general, especially in a time where mainstream music dominates everything. Fifth: Maxim likes to make an example in a material world where everything gets credited. It’s his way of trying to show that not everything has to be about money in this world. However the label is not against making money with music but it’s not our goal. Maxim, Avant Garden productions and Small Room recordings are all in it for the sake of art.