Templo Diez video co-starring Maxim S. Calda and Peetman

  • Finally released now, Templo Diez’ new great video/small movie “Holler #2″ co-starring Maxim and his companion from Tuxedo Bandido mr. Peetman. Both bandido’s play a role as classic gunmen as part of a group of badguys.

    The story is about refugees on the run who are chased by a group of badguys. The group refugees try to get to the border with a box but they’re betrayed for money. It is said that the box the refugees carry contains a reflection of heaven and the key to the absolute truth. Will the badguys get to the refugees and steal the box, find out yourself….

    The video was written and directed by Maxim’s brother Roman, who also plays in Templo Diez. While shooting the video the weather conditions on the set were hard but the result came out great, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

    This is not the first collaboration between Maxim and Templo Diez, a few months ago Maxim also made a remix for TD called “Hikikomori remix” , which is still available as free download, right here .
    More info of  Templo Diez can be find right here on their website: www.templodiez.com

    Templo Diez – “Holler #2″ co-starring Maxim S. Calda and mr. Peetman of Tuxedo Bandido.

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