Retro inspired soundtrack album announced

  • Massimo Tutti (di Mare) looks at things mostly through sunglasses. Preferably in combination with a half corona and a glass of dark rum. He frequently suffers from a tropical stroke of Bonditis, in a classic manner by the way. A kind of benefit since he recently found himself an old forgotten spy-fi movie. This all together calls for a mission, a soundtrack that is….

    These last 2 weeks he has been working hard on this assignment. The current mission on location has ended now, but it will continue on a regular base because this sunny musical roadtrip is infectious like a tropical virus.

    Inspired by 60s spy-fi and eurospy cinema, space age lounge, exotica and latin music combined with personal travel journals, photos and field recordings from his Caribbean destinations he will bring out report with the (working) title ‘The Brown Rum Diaries & Recordings’.

    I am Massimo Tutti (di Mare) and I’ll be seeing you, bringing retro back to the present!

    Most material is written and composed and it will be brought out by Small Room recordings  / Avant Garden productions. I don’t know when yet, still a lot has to be done, and I still have some electronic material waiting with the M.E.F.-project (Maximum Electric Field) and there’s also still some new material of Tuxedo Bandido left, but it will come out. Just to let you know!

    ###end of message###

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