Max.i.can visuals

  • ‘Max.i.can’ visuals is created by Maxim to represent his visual work. As a young kid he was already very visually oriented, which explains why he was always drawing. From the very beginning of his musical activities Maxim was involved in the presentation of his music by creating all of the artwork and logos himself as well. From early analog copying, cutting and pasting to finally creating digital artwork. At some point he got the chance to become an officially skilled creative desktop publisher, he attended the ‘Media College’ in Rotterdam which is part of  the well known ‘Graphic College Rotterdam’. His love for graphics and artwork finally resulted in a professional job as a desktop publisher.

    For now a glimpse of his work can be found here:

    max.i.can visuals

    Volg het bord Max.i.can visuals (graphic art by me) van Maxim op Pinterest.