New Year and coming plans

  • Hey there amigos, El Capitan here, I’m still a bit rough from yesterday and all the excitement these last months but I wish you all a splendid new year and I hope you all are already recovered from your hangovers!

    It’s gonna be a great year with lots of good things to come. I’m thrilled, eager and looking forward to it!

    Coming soon (planned first quarter this year) is our new video/single with Tuxedo Bandido “Take me back”.  We just finished the video shoot with our great crew this week and now we need to do some post-processing. We also got some nice collabaration  going along with this, but more info about this later.

    Talking about video’s and collabarations, both bandido Peetman and myself have another video-shoot scheduled next saturday. We’ve been asked by Templo Diez to play ‘two badguys’ in there new video-clip, and being bandidos, we love that ofcourse. It’s no secret that I have a familair bond with Templo Diez and we like working with friends and artists to create stuff together, so both Peetman and me are thrilled to play a part in this.

    Naturally we’re gonna play live again with Tuxedo Bandido and continue with the cultural-program (Pop aan Zee) we’re in, so keep checking for more info on that.

    Than I’m looking forward to move into my new house ofcourse as well as my new SMALL ROOM  recordings location this year. A very important and positive change for me personally, which means I can focus more and put more time in production again.

    As a solo-artist and as Tuxedo Bandido we always got something in stack so I’m pretty sure me & the TB-crew are gonna continue hooking you up with some new and great music throughout this year.

    Cheers for now amigo’s, I hope you are all warm and save!

    Yours truly,

    Maxim S. Calda

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