Coming up in February: Maximum Electric Field (M.E.F.)

  • February will be dedicated to the new release of my new project Maximum Electric Field (M.E.F.). This will be something totally different than ‘El Maxicano’ or the ‘Tuxedo Bandido’ work. The reason I started this solo project is because of my desire to return to my electronic roots. My synthesizers are still being used in many of my productions but most of the time they don’t fulfill a leading role anymore, which is a pity, because the wide palet of sounds a synthesizer can produce create so much possibilities. This combined with my love for musical experiment and my desire for diversity were the main reasons for this project. I also finally had the time to do this. And I also just felt like doing something strong and dark, musical wise. You can consider M.E.F. as an extension of my previous work with G-GAP, although M.E.F. probably will contain more styles and influences and it will probably be a bit less static. Apart from all the electronics in the new single ‘Reflections of a Twisted Soul’ I also use guitars and vocals. Besides the musical production I also spent a lot of time on the video production: camera, editing and fx etc. This is an area I’m into more and more and which I try to get accustomed to more and more as well. Both productions are done completely stand alone. All together it has become a complete work of art again. I want to share it half February or by the end of February with you all. Stay creative!

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