Captain back at the bridge!

  • It has been a while but we are thrilled to see Captain Maxim S. Calda back at his beloved bridge again. As you can see El Capitán returned in his renewed SMALL ROOM recordings, doing what he does and loves best: producing, mixing and composing in his so beloved habitat.

    As some of you might know it has been a while since SMALL ROOM could be rebuild from scratch again. During the moving which eventually took almost two years of preparing, Maxim still worked in a stripped improvised SMALL ROOM surrounding on location. Here he still managed to bring out big productions like Tuxedo Bandido’s ‘Take Me Back’ and the Templo Diez remix ‘Hikikomori’, both still free to download here and both videos can still be watched here as well.

    Right now El Capitán is thrilled with the new engineering spot and has been working on new material for Tuxedo Bandido for over a few weeks now. First song the TB-crew has been recording now is probably gonna called ‘Wrong Place, Wrong Time’, according to the Captain it’s gonna be a fun and energetic song. Which probably will be released together with some more new songs by the end of the year or beginning next year.
    And to prove you that the Captain is really back at the bridge, see the photo and the El Capitan artwork.

    Ay ay sailors! Welcome on board again, it’s good to be back!

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