Free Templo Diez remix by Maxim S. Calda with 3D video!

  • Templo Diez and Maxim S. Calda are pleased to present the result of their new collaboration.

    A few months ago Maxim was approached by the band Templo Diez offering the opportunity in collaborating on a new challenge. Templo Diez is an international band created in 2003 by composer and songwriter Pascal Hallibert based in Den Haag (The Hague), NL.

    The idea was based on Maxim choosing one of the 6-combo band’s songs and work with it to create something totally different and special. Hikikomori, from the album Merced, was his choice. And here is the result, a small masterpiece that blends the intimate atmosphere of Templo Diez and the electronic and experimental influences from Maxim.

    For Maxim it was a honour to work with great material and to work with music he likes himself. “I love Templo Diez, I ‘ve seen them live and they blow you away, they drown you in this melodramatic dreamy soundtrack, it’s one of these bands that deserve way more credit and attention than they get. If you got the chance to see them live you have to go and experience it yourself”, Maxim says.

    We also present the videoclip that Marc Vos (VJ of Tuxedo Bandido) from Softcorecay has made for the occasion, along with this remix. A composition made using dynamic 3D modeling and the latest technologies in graphic design that compliments the atmosphere perfectly capturing the significance of this new version of Hikikomori. Special thanx to the lovely Monica Salmang for modeling.

    Listen and download “Hikimori remix”  for FR€€ here (or browse music section) or at the website of  Templo Diez .
    Watch the 3D video here as well (if possible also check it with red cyan anaglyph glasses for 3D vision!)

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