Back from Cuban trip

  • Hey there amigo’s,

    I just came back from a 2 week trip to Cuba. A thrilling and great experience, I ‘ve seen and heard a lot of interesting things that inspired me one way or another. During my staying I made a lot of samples, writings and photos, a lot of it will be used in newcoming project(s). Thankful for the great Cuban (and some non-Cuban) people I’ve met and spoken lately. In particular I would like to thank the humble and friendly waiter Frank, for all his service and friendly conversation and especially the natural cool great-hearted Jamaican Cuban waiter George Louis Gentle Becclis. (Every Cuban cigar I smoke, I think of you amigo!) A fascinating country with a very interesting culture. Another world with both good and bad things, just like any other world or system and if it depends on me we should learn a lot from eachother. Cuba Libre!

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