• Welcome to the personal headquarters of independent composer, producer, songwriter, singer and artworker (DTP) Maxim S. Calda. This site is meant to inform and archive all the solo and any other related work of the creative mind of Maxim S. Calda. A selfmade man with many musical aspirations, he’s graphically trained and visually orientated. He believes in free music, cross media and cross artforms and has a philosophical interest.

    Raised as a kid with the sounds of traditional guitars and growing up as a teenager exploring the upcoming world of electronics Maxim became an versatile and creative independent music producer with a paradoxal love for both classic and modern techniques and many musical styles. Inspired by both the past and the present he calls his approach ‘the art of blending’; combining different styles, techniques and flavours from any time and style area for the purpose of creativity.

    In 1991 Maxim formed his own recording facility ‘SMALL ROOM recordings’ and his first solo project G-GAP. With G-GAP he received a record deal offer as a solo artist at the age of 16. In retrospect G-GAP is considered by the late ‘Gothtronic webzine’ as one of the pioneers of ‘The Industrial Sound Of The Lowlands’ just behind Tom Holkenborg (Nerve/Junkie XL). Maxim has several other (solo) credits and aspirations (G-GAP, Hertz, Tuxedo Bandido, soundtracks, MXMS remixes).
    In 2014 Maxim also started ‘Avant garden productions’, a personal production label for his future solo activities. He also created ‘Max.I.can visuals’ for his artwork and visual orientated work. Nowadays Maxim is probably best known as frontman, producer and co-founder of cult pop band Tuxedo Bandido and their own ‘A Sir James Production’-label. Solo wise he’s currently  active as ‘El Maxicano’, for which he creates and produces all music and he even created and produced the accompanied video. A new electronic project, Maximum Electric Field (M.E.F.), is coming up this year.

    His musical work can be divided in:

    • Tuxedo Bandido: Musical project together with 2 companions; Maxim is co-founder, frontman, rhythm guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, composer, arranger and producer.
    • El Maxicano: Musical solo project; vocals, guitars, composer, songwriter, arranger and producer. Video director, editor, producer
    • Maximum Electric Field (M.E.F.): Musical solo project; vocals, guitars & machines, composer, songwriter, arranger and producer. Video director, editor, producer
    • MXMS: Is an alias he uses for remixing work.
    • TB’s Mix & Serve: DJ -set with a timeless mixture of fingerlickin’ eclectic jazzy, loungy, spicy, crime, spy-fi, movie tunes and beats with the members of the TB-crew.
    • G-GAP: former electronic solo project; vocals, machines, songwriting, composing, arranging and production.
    • Hertz: former drum&bass side-project; vocals, machines, songwriting, composing, arranging and production.